The last episode of the first series of the podcast I do for the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has just gone live. 

It’s called ‘Island Sports’ and it’s about the sports that you can watch and participate in on the islands that aren’t sailing and cricket.

Both cricket and sailing had their own dedicated episodes. So in this episode I had a look at some of Antigua and Barbuda’s lesser known sports.

I chat to Renee Edwards-Ambrose about drag racing in Antigua. (There’s a strip not far from the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.)

Romeo DeSouza from the Barbuda Turf Club gives me the lowdown about horse racing on Barbuda, including the best time to spot trainers swimming with their horses in the crystal clear waters of Codrington Lagoon.)

The incredible Team Antigua Island Girls relive their epic row that saw them became the first All Antiguan, All Women team to row the Atlantic.

And I catch up with Trevor ‘Simple’ Simon, a world Warrie Grand Master, the mancala board game played throughout the African diaspora, including the parks and bus stops of Antigua.

Finally, I had a fantastic chat with Sir Richie Richardson out at the Cedar Valley Golf Club about playing golf on Antigua and Barbuda and his own going battle with Sir Viv for supremacy on the greens.

He was as laidback, funnily and cool as I hoped he’d be.

And his golf swing is as smooth as his drives through cover were.


Listen to the episode now

The Beach Is Just The Beginning: S01 E12 Island Sports