The Full Montezuma Around Central America with the Girl Next Door

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Six weeks into a new relationship, I invited the new love of my life to travel around Central America. Big mistake.

The Full MontezumaI’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to invited a new girlfriend on a jaunt around Central America. The area was just emerging from decades of civil war and was still racked with poverty, disease and natural disasters. I can only surmise that I was still juiced up on serotonin. The fact that my publisher’s lawyers insist I call her ‘The Girl Next Door’ is a pretty good indication of how things went.

Over a period of six months we battled hurricanes, mosquitoes, uncooperative border officials and over-sexed Mexican commuters and learnt rather more about each other than we really wanted to. Each chapter has its own annoying habit – either mine or the GND’s – including map-hogging, over packing, bite-scratching and over-zealous haggling.

It wasn’t all bad. From the ancient Mayan sites of Guatemala to the perfect golden Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica, Central America served up its share of magic moments.

The Full Montezuma chronicles the all the highs and all the lows of one couple’s journey into the unknown.


“Incisive and acutely observed, a cautionary tale for anyone planning to cross a continent with their significant other” – The Age

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Horse and car in Managua
Horse and car in Managua