No Shitting In The Toilet

The travel guide for when you’ve really lost it

No Shitting In The Toilet by Peter Moore

A cheeky riposte to the glossy representation of travel that revels in all that is hard about travel, revealing that the worst experiences nearly always end up being the best.

“This infinitely handy, irreverent bullet-pointed code of conduct (and misconduct) abroad revels in a kind of anti-Wish You Were Here ethos. Expect the worse, then turn to this to find ideas, answers and, best of all, comfort in the sod’s law of holiday-going” – The Scotsman

No Shitting In The Toilet  was my first book and my foot in the door. It started life as a website, hosted on the free 1MB of space that came with my dial-up account.

It was named after a sign I saw on the door of the toilet in Jack’s Cafe in Dali, China. It was written in English and featured a picture of a squatting man, struck through with a red line, just like the smouldering cigarette in a ‘No Smoking’ symbol. The toilet was of the ‘hole-in-the-ground’ variety and just in case you didn’t get the message, Jack had put a fine mesh over the hole.

To me the sign summed up everything I love about travel. It is unexpected and illogical and that is what makes it exhilarating.

Nor should it be taken so seriously. Hence, the advice in No Shitting in the Toilet is very much tongue-in-cheek.

Yet it could be the best advice you’ll ever get.

Now a hilarious new podcast!

The NSITT philosophy gets a 21st Century make-over as a new podcast, presented by Peter and a slew of ‘expert’ guests.

Following the formula that you loved in both the original website and the book, NSITT, the podcast, will focus on a different travel topic each week, viewed through the perverse lens of travel as it really is.

NSITT, the podcast, is not just about me. I want to hear your stories too. Head over to the NSITT dedicated website, and the ‘Tell us Your Tale‘ page in particular, to tell me your story about any of the upcoming topics listed.

To borrow a hashtag, there are definitely #nofilters here.

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