Taking in a day’s play in Antigua is colourful, noisy and the most fun you can have at a cricket match.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the passing of Shane Warne. It doesn’t seem real, does it? I know the guy lived life hard. But he seemed built to take it.

Anyway, I thought I’d post some pictures of the last cricket match I attended. The final of the U19s World Cup at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua.

I’m sure Shane Warne would approve of watching cricket in Antigua. 

There are dancers in carnival outfits. 

There’s a busy bar in the party zone doling out rum and beer and anything else that takes your fancy. 

And plenty of food stalls selling carb-heavy treats.

You’re not at Lord’s anymore.

It’s pretty sociable too. People drift in and out throughout the day. Teenagers hangout. And after stumps, most of Antigua seems to turn up to listen to the DJs that continue to play well into the night.

As we speak, the English are there playing in a test match against the West Indies.

Last I looked the West Indian batsmen were piling on the runs.

I wouldn’t feel too sorry for the English fans who travelled all the way out to Antigua to watch their team.

They’re enjoying themselves.

Believe me.

I recently did a podcast for the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority about cricket in Antigua.

You can listen to it here: Calypso Cricket

  1. The last (only) cricket match I watched was on a sunny Sunday afternoon on Alderney, it was between two of the local pub teams. To avoid any risk of spillage the wicket keeper stood his pint glass of beer behind the middle stump :). The bowler didn’t seem to take offence.

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