Journalism seems such a lofty word for what I do.

In my mind, I just go on adventures and write about them.

I don’t have any formal training. I started out as an advertising copywriter and shifted across to travel writing when I got bored writing what finicky clients wanted me to write about.

I began by writing books. And when they proved successful, I was approached by publications like The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and The Times in the UK to write stuff for them. 

I wrote a regular column in Maxim and TNT magazine and was the ‘travel expert’ for the morning show on the Triple J radio station in Australia.

When my daughter was born and my life on the road was curtailed I got a job as the Associate Web Editor for Wanderlust magazine. I got to experience the other side of the fence. And write a lot of listicles!

Since the pandemic, I’m doing freelance stuff again. I’ve joined the British Guild of Travel Writers and I’m open to commissions.

Get in touch if you’ve got something in mind.

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