London to Sydney the hard way

‘Moore’s a sharp observer of the bizarre … Read, enjoy, escape’

Tea in Esfahan

Inspired by the hippies of the ’60s, I set off from the UK to see if it was still possible to travel overland from London to Australia.


With woefully inadequate funds and little hope of actually making it through such notorious hot-spots as the Balkans, Iran and Afghanistan, I threw caution to the wind and followed the trail overland to the East.

It was a journey of exhilarating highs and, on occasions, frustrating lows, of diverse experiences – including the world’s most expensive disco (in Albania), the bombed-out villages of Croatia, the opium fields of Laos, student riots in Jakarta, an all-night beach rave in Thailand – and memorable encounters with a wonderful cast of often eccentric, at times exasperating and, once in a while, overly amorous characters.

It’s probably still my favourite journey ever.

Watermelon guys, India

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The Wrong Way Home by Peter Moore

Here’s some good news. The Wrong Way Home is available now as an eBook. Within a couple of clicks you can be set off from London to Sydney, right now. Bonza!

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Photos from the trip …

Please forgive the poor quality of the images in this gallery. The originals are in a storage unit in Australia, so I’ve had to use images from when the web was slow and high resolution was a curse rather than a blessing. I plan to visit my storage unit some time this year. When I do, rest assured, the image quality will improve dramatically.

  1. Hey Peter,

    Just finished ‘The Wrong Way Home’ – 20 years late, I know – but I loved it. Inspires me to go explore places like East Timor and the other interesting, off the beaten path places you describe.

    BTW: Kosovo is on my list after reading your review on it !!

    Looking forward for more of your works

  2. Hi Pete

    We met at Keith’s place in Maida Vale in London and I have some sad news. Keith died from cancer in September, back in Hobart. He went out in typical Keith’s way, gone but not forgotten


    1. Hi Steve,

      Yeah, sad news. I’d stayed in touch with Keith on Facebook – AKA Lew Skannen – and heard the news.

      I put a little memorial on social media at the time, using a pic of him when we went into Afghanistan. I remember they all thought he was Russian, which pleased him immensely!

      Like you said, gone but not forgotten!

      Thanks for getting in touch.



  3. Hi Peter,

    Just reading your very interesting 1999 publication ‘The Wrong Way Home’ – in Albania at the moment!

    Just keen to know what year you set out for that trip?

    Regards Trish

    1. Hi Trish,

      Thanks for your comment. I left London in April 1994 to do that trip. Quite a while ago now and I know Albania is in a much better state than it was then. Having said that, the Albanians were incredibly hospitable, despite the conditions they found themselves in and it remains one of my favourites of all the places I visited.



  4. Peter,

    I am just reading ‘The Wrong Way Home’ after it has been sat on my shelf for years.

    It is bringing back a lot of great memories of a trip I did in the 1998 in the other direction, from India to Jersey by Enfield motorcycle.

    Poignantly and movingly, today on VJ day I have just read the section about your grandfather.



    1. Thanks Richard. I must admit to thinking about my grandfather too. There’s been a lot about the war in Burma here in the UK and his plane was shot down during a bombing raid to support the Chingdits.



  5. Hi Peter

    I too have just finished your book. It brought back memories of back packing in China in 1990. You made me remember the frustration of trying to arrange anything there in those days. Days there were either very hard or very rewarding.

    1. Hi Neil,

      Glad you enjoyed ‘The Wrong Way Home’ and that it brought back memories of your time in China. It was a struggle back then, but of course that’s what made it such a great adventure. With the benefit of hindsight – and enough water under the bridge – I always remember the hard times as the best times!

  6. Hi Peter,

    Just finished your book. It was very enjoyable.

    When did the trip take place? I did my 1st overland Amsterdam to Bangkok and then Bali in 74-76,

    Followed that up with a bicycle trip through SE Asia in 82/83.

    2020 has been the 1st year i have NOT left the country I am living in (Thailand) in decades.


    1. Hi Richard.

      I did the trip way back in ’94.

      Funny thing is, I get a lot of emails from people saying things haven’t changed much.

      Having said that, I am envious of you doing the big overland trip at the height of the ‘Hippy Trail’ era. That must have been something else!

  7. Really enjoying the book at the moment and great to stumble upon these photos of the trip. Some much needed escapism at the moment!

  8. Read Vroom with a View – loved it! I’m still riding Lambrettas at 71. We went over the Alps on one when I was 67.

    Then I discovered The Wrong Way Home. It brought back lots of memories of backpacking in the past. Funny book but well written, will look out for more of yours,

    Wish I could say I bought it but I’m to tight!

    Thanks Wallace

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