Often funky, always raucous, hostels are  often our first taste of life on the road and the reason we can afford to travel in the first place.

World renowned budget traveller, Kash Battacharya, reveals the luxury hostels you need to add to your post-Covid bucket list.

Hostel manager, Linda Martinez, helps read out your hostel horror stories as well as offering her perspective from the other side of the check-in counter.

And Peter explains the perils of sharing a dorm in a Japanese hostel with an American one man band.

Kash Bhattacharya has spent the last ten years encouraging people to think differently about budget travel.

His books, Luxury Hostels of Europe and The Grand Hostels, are guides to the world’s most stylish and affordable accommodation. 

And his award-winning website, budgettraveller.org, is jam-packed with hints and tips on travelling cheaply, authentically and well.

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In this episode, Linda Martinez from the Beehive Hostel in Rome helped me read out your stories.

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