Peter is joined by author and podcaster, Phoebe Smith, who extolls the joys of wild camping.

A mysterious voice from the past helps him share your stories from the road.

And a quest is born: “Where’s ‘Tache?

Phoebe Smith - Podcaster and author

Phoebe is an author, travel writer, broadcaster and podcaster, best known for her extreme sleeping and wild camping adventures.

She has written 10 books, including Extreme SleepsWild Nights and The Joy of Camping, as well as The Book of the Bothy, a guide to the little-known shelters scattered across the hills and mountains of Britain.

And she is an award-winning travel writer and hosts Wander Woman, a podcast where she shares the tales from behind the scenes of her travel adventures. 

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Sadly, not of all them can make it. You’ll find the best of those that didn’t below.

From Erika in Newcastle, Australia

“I’m not generally a big fan of the desert when we arrived at the camp ground at Turmi in Ethiopia, a sense of calm came over me.

The best bit about the camp ground was the cold shower and the Hamer tribesman ‘valet’ who put up my tent and helped in any way needed.”

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