In this episode, social media travel guru, Drew Binsky, tells how secret footage of his border crossing in Sierra Leone got a border guard arrested.

Intrepid traveller and comic book editor Marie Javins reads your stories and reveals the best way to smuggle Tintin statues across African borders.

And Peter shares his Top 5 most memorable border crossings, including one on the Khyber Pass that he has been dining out on for decades. 

Drew Binsky is an American travel blogger and video maker, with more than 6 million social media followers and over 1.3 billion video views!

He holds two Guiness World records – including one for visiting the most UNESCO world heritage sites in one day.

And he is an agonising 6 countries short of his goal of visiting every country in the world.

Oh, and if you looking for the video that got the border guard in Sierra Leone arrested, you’ll find it here.

Website | YouTube Channel | Border 197 documentary

Guards watching Victoria Falls from border bridge
Guards from Zimbabwe and Zambia watching Victoria Falls from the border bridge

In this episode, intrepid traveller and comic book editor, Marie Javins, helped me read out your stories about border crossings.

You can find out more about Marie and her travels here.

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