This week I was a guest on the Ultimate Road Trip podcast, presented by the award-winning BBC motoring journalist, James Whalley.

His previous guests have included Martin Brundle, Jay Kay and Dario Franchitti, so I’m in the rarefied company of some pretty heavy duty petrol heads.

The concept of the podcast is beautifully simple.

You just nominate your ultimate road trip and the vehicle you’d love to do it in.

As you can imagine, my problem was choosing just one.

I mean, I’d love to travel down the west coast of Africa in an old Peugeot 504 bush taxi.

And I’d love to rattle down the east coast of Italy – from Rimini down to Calabria –on a bright red Vespa 946.

I wouldn’t mind travel through Siberia in an old UAZ-452 either.

The locals call these old Soviet-era vans ‘The Loaf’ because they look like a loaf of bread. Perfect for chucking a mattress in the back for the inevitable days spent stopped beside a lonely Siberian road, waiting for help.

In the end, I went for a totally different road trip. You also have to nominate who you’d take along for the ride. And, ultimately, that’s what swayed my decision.

You can hear me explain my decision with James on the podcast here: Ultimate Road Trip Podcast

Official website: Ultimate Road Trip Podcast