I’m always happy to chat about my travels.

Equally so about Vespas.

So when the guys from the Overcrest podcast got in touch to talk travel and Vespas I was as happy as a pig in mud.

It was a wide ranging discussion that bounced from the Big Nambas in Vanuatu to the Backpacker Car Market in Sydney. 

There was much talk about Sophia and Marcello – my Vespas in Italy.

And I came this close to talking one of the hosts, Kris Clewell, into going to Iran.

The podcast is live now if you want to have a listen. It’s called ‘How to be incredible at travelling (even without a Vespa)’.

A big thanks to both Kris and Jake for having me on.

More information

Episode: ‘How to be incredible at travelling’

Official website: overcrestproductions.com

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