All the usual NSITT goodness. But in the form of a podcast.

All the usual NSITT goodness. But in the form of a podcast.

Good news for fans of the more surreal and perverse side of travel. The philosophy at the core of my very first book, No Shitting In Toilet, is once again seeing the light of day … as a podcast.

Named after a sign I saw at Jack’s Cafe in Dali, China, NSITT first started life as a website back in the early days of the Internet. I wanted to celebrate the way travel really is. How it never turns out how you expect it to. How it often defies logic and rational thinking. And how you end up having a brilliant time anyway – not in spite of these situations, but because of them.

The podcast will follow the basic structure of the book and that very early website. Each episode will focus on a particular aspect of travel, with a special ‘expert’ guest sharing their stories and listeners sending in theirs as well. And will end with a quick-fire Top 5 on the related topic from me.

The first episode is about toilets – what else? – and ends with my five most memorable toilets from my travels.

The podcast is embedded on the dedicated No Shitting In The Toilet website I created. Or you can subscribe through all the usual suspects like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

And don’t forget to visit the Tell Us Your Tale page to share your story on upcoming topics and maybe even get it read out on air.

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Listen to the first episode

  1. Hi Peter,

    I am re-reading your original book version of NSITT for the umpteenth time (during lockdown) and there are some comments that still make me laugh out loud.

    Having travelled to a number of the places that you mention, at an even earlier time than you were there, there are some realities which do not change including border crossings, the state of the toilets and the state of the accommodation!

    Perhaps it is why NSITT resonates so well.

    Thank you for putting together such an interesting set of instructions and traveller’s tales!

    1. Thanks Dianne. Glad to hear that NSITT still rings true. I’m just putting together an eBook version and, I must admit, I was a little concerned that it might be a little date. But apart from the obvious things like music cassettes and Internet cafes, it’s pretty clear that the ‘fundamentals’ of travel are still the same!

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