The local bottle shop on the island of La Digue

When I visited the tiny island of La Digue in the Seychelles, this was my local Bottle-o.

It was run by a young guy called Shawn and most nights I would drop by for a couple of bottles of SeyBrew, maybe even a bottle of Slow Turtle Cider.

Then I’d follow the lead of the locals by picking a spot down near the port – or along the waterfront in front of the markets – and sip my drinks watching the moon shimmer on the stretch of water between La Digue and the next island, Praslin.

The next evening I’d return the empty bottles, get my 6 SCR deposit back (2 SCR each bottle) and start the whole process again.

The tiny shack was also home to Amella’s Snack Shop. Amella was Shawn’s aunty and each night she would prepare an assortment of sandwiches and fried snacks for her nephew to sell from covered plates that sat on the counter.

You could also top up your mobile phone.

Shawn had the three staples of island life covered. Food. Drink. Data.

Local bottle shop on La Digue in the Seychelles

I took this photo on my way to the port to catch the last ferry off the island.

I had three bottles to return. And I had hoped to get a photo of Shawn sitting on the steps of his shop or at least standing in the doorway.

Sadly, Shawn wasn’t there. He was on island time. Sunset was still an hour or so away so there really wasn’t any need for him to open. And besides, if it was urgent, everyone knew where he lived.

I gave my three empty bottles to some boys playing football in the dirt beside the shack. 

Their eyes lit up like I’d given them a winning lottery ticket.

It reminded me of how I collected empty bottles as a kid. I’d scouring roadsides and bins for enough bottles to return so I could buy a bag of sweets.

I wondered what these kids would buy with the 6 SCR they’d get from my bottles.

If it was me, I’d have bought one of Aunty Amella’s tasty samosas.

Seychelles on a budget

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  • Sonia
    4 years ago Reply

    As always, you don’t disappoint Peter 🙂

    I almost saw myself in your shoes because that routine looks so good to me. Not only do I love beer, but finding a beer spot is always a joy on any trip.

    Though, I think the best part is giving the bottles to the kiddos.

    Guess simplicity is just as powerful as an act of kindness purely inspired by it.

    Great post!

  • Hannah Jones
    4 years ago Reply

    You are very kind and a good influence. I might bring all of my empty bottles and sell them and then give them to those who are in need. This is a very good post, thank you for sharing this

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