What will the women drink?

I love the story behind this bottle of wine.

It’s produced by Walsh Family Wines, a small wine producer in Loudoun County in Virginia, just an hour north-west of Washington.

Walsh Family Wines was founded in 2014 by Sarah and Nate Walsh. Their vineyard and tasting room sits amongst the low rocky hills around rural Purcellville.

I dropped in on my recent trip to the Capital Region of the US and, naturally, this bottle caught my eye. 

Nate told me it was produced in response to a remark by a visitor in the early days of Walsh Family Wines. When the guy didn’t spot any sweet wines amongst their selection, he exclaimed ‘But what will the women drink!?!’

‘What Will The Women Drink’ is Nate and Sarah’s response. 

It’s a bold, punchy wine made from a blend of 45% Petit Verdot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Tannat.

Basically, a big, robust FU to the guy who thought women can’t handle anything too complex.

And, of course, it has become their most sought-after wine. 

So much so that they’ve had to restrict it to their wine club members only. (And the occasional scruffy Australian travel writer who might pass through.)

Best of all, a portion of the profits from ‘What Will The Women Drink’ is donated to women’s rights groups around the world.

Just another good region to hit the Loudoun County wine circuit next time you’re in the Capital Region.

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