Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill is an epic tribute to the soldiers who fought in the Second World War.

It is built on the spot where leaders from the West were expected to bow down and pay homage to the Tsar.

If you want to see monumental arches, towering obelisks and a statue of St George slaying a dragon covered in swastikas, this is the place to come.

It is also an important venue for Russia’s Victory Day celebrations held every May 9.

Veterans gather here dressed in their full military uniform to receive flowers by members of younger generations as a way of thanks.

It’s like the way Americans say ‘Thank you for your service’ whenever they encounter a former soldier.

Except in Russia you end up with a nice posy of fresh flowers as well.

I took this photo at the Park Pobedy Metro station at the end of the day as every one started to head home.

The poor old soldier looked exhausted.

But it least he had a bag of carnations brighten up his drab apartment in an austere tower block on the edge of the city.

A veteran on his way home after the Victory Day celebrations at Pobedy Park