Arbat Street, or the Arbat, is a one-kilometre long pedestrianised street in the historical heart of Moscow.

It’s been around since the 15th century, making it one of the oldest surviving streets in Russia.

This fast food restaurant, the Fork Spoon, is a relatively new addition. It sprung up after Russia’s unholy embrace of capitalism, soon after communism fell.

I’d just come from riding the Moscow Metro, where stations are adorned with the heroes of communism – the farmers and the factory workers – fêted in gilded mosaics, bronze statues and stirring frescoes.

Through these works of art, the sacrifice of the proletariat was acknowledged and the dignity in their work celebrated.

No disrespect to this poor chap, but I can’t ever imagine a heroic mural made of fast food restaurant mascots.

And I bet the pay is crap too.

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