Scenes from a Russian airport

I visited Armenia last June, flying with Aeroflot, with a couple of hours stopover in Moscow’s  Sheremetyevo International Airport on the way.

I don’t mind being stuck in airports.

I like strolling through the terminals, checking out the shops and watching people as they head off to who-knows-where.

And I like taking snaps of the weird and bizarre stuff I see. Like bear in a tin. Or an airline called Scat.

It’s true. Airports are fundamentally the same the world over. But the small differences can be quite illuminating.

Who knew, for example, that the Russians regard vodka as a sweet?

Like most people, of course, I’m itching to get onboard my connecting flight and be on my way.

But in this time of Coronavirus shutdown, I wish I was back there. Preferably tucking into a between-flights pudding. Maybe a nice bottle of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka.

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  • Gio
    4 years ago Reply

    Makes you realize what a blessing travel is..

    • Peter Moore
      4 years ago Reply

      Too true … and it’s funny the things you miss when you’re locked down at home!

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