I was supposed to be in Iceland last week. I was going to check out the new ‘Diamond Circle’ in the north of the country.

Sadly, coronavirus put paid to that. But I was reminded of a trip I did to Iceland with my daughter, back in 2012.

Our favourite spot was Jökulsárlón, a glacial lagoon in the south east.

Here icebergs calve off the Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier and float around the lagoon for a while.

The icebergs then they float through a short passage to the Atlantic Ocean, where they break up and get washed up on the black sand beach.

It is one of the most beautiful and surreal things I have ever seen.

Especially the ‘carpark’ along the passageway, where visitors and locals alike, park up to watch the icebergs pass by.

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