As most of you guessed from my social media posts yesterday I am currently in Iceland.

I’m having a bit of a wander up the west coast, following the Icelandic saga trail.

But before I set off up north, I wanted to check out Geldingadalir volcano.

You’ve probably seen it on the news. It just started erupting and spewing lava and quickly became the country’s latest tourist sensation.

It’s on the same peninsula as the Keflavik airport so it wasn’t too far out of my way.

Basically, you park in the makeshift car park and hike for up to 4.5 km along one of the makeshift paths.

Sadly, the volcano is quiet at the moment.

It’s not exactly dormant. It is still hissing and steaming. It’s not putting on the show it was a few months ago. Back then half of Reykjavik trekked up the hill to watch it.

There were still a few people about. Most clambered down to the edge of the lava flow, took a few selfies and wandered back.

A few of us clambered along the ridge to take in the view of the volcano and the Geldingadalir valley, with fingers of black lava in all its nooks and crannies.

There were no fireworks. But it was austere and beautiful.

And a pretty good start to my trip.