Getting to the Ethiopian border requires the patience of a saint.

Getting a ride in northern Kenya requires a lot of patience. 

You can literally wait for days for some kind of vehicle heading your way.

I took this photo on my big Cape Town to Cairo adventure that became my book Swahili for the Broken-Hearted

I was sitting on top of a beer truck that I’d hitched a ride on back in Isiolo. It was heading to Marsabit on the Ethiopian border and I’d had to get up at 4 a.m. to stand in line with other prospective ‘passengers’ as the truck driver chose who would get a ride on the top of his truck.

I was one of the lucky ones. I got a spot. At least half a dozen people missed out and had to wait in Isiolo for the next truck to come along.

Waiting for a bus in northern Kenya (Peter Moore)

This chap was heading for Marsabit too. But he was half way along the route and had to rely on someone getting off to get a ride.

A flicker of hope briefly illuminated his face when he spotted me. 

Perhaps I was planning to stay at the Subhana Seven Hills Hotel. 

But when I clambered back on after a couple of crates of beer were unloaded his shoulders slumped.

The Subhana had seen better days.

In his heart of hearts he knew he was in for a very long wait.

Swahili For The Broken-Hearted by Peter Moore

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