It’s Valentine’s Day today so I thought I’d write a post about romance and travel.

When I gave it more thought, however, I realised that my idea of the ‘romance of travel’ didn’t really chime with what most people imagine.

You see, while most normal folk think of sunsets, I think of bouncing across Africa on the back of a truck.

When they imagine a candlelit dinner in somewhere salubrious, I’m imagining sharing a gnarled chicken foot with an old man in the hills of Vietnam.

Floaty dresses and straw hats? I’m more of a dusty t-shirt and grimy cap kind of guy myself.

Having said that, I have gazed out upon some scenes in my travels and thought, ’Hey, this pretty special.’

Pink sand beach, Barbuda (Peter Moore)
A log on the pink sand beach in Barbuda (Peter Moore)

Like the amazing pink beach on the Caribbean island of Barbuda.

The beach stretches for 8 miles between Spanish Point and Palmetto Point and can be visited as part of a boat trip to the nearby Frigate Bird sanctuary.

The pink hue is created by millions of tiny shells deposited by the waves.

It is regarded as the pinkest of the Caribbean pink beaches, but the brightness ebbs and flows with the seasons.

The colour is at its deepest between October and January.

Whatever time of the year you visit, you’ll get the beach pretty much to yourself.

Now that’s romantic.

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