I just found out that my two Vespa books are mentioned in the latest edition of Detail magazine.

It’s a very cool hipster magazine that I have no right being anywhere near but my Vespas naturally do.

Writer Peter Jachimiak asks the question ‘What Is the colour of Mod?’ and argues that it is orange.

Paul Weller is referenced extensively, of course. But then so is Marcello, the bright orange Rally 200 I rode around the sunny parts of Italy for my book Vroom By The Sea.

As a writer of what I consider to be just amusing and entertaining travelogues, it is quite a bizarre experience to see my work quoted from and interrogated as part of a learned hypothesis.

And pleasing, it has to be said, to see that Marcello could be considered as much of a Mod style icon as the Modfather himself.

Marcello certainly deserves his moment in the spotlight.

I’m not altogether sure that I do.

Order your copy at detailmaguk.com