That time Marcello went to Bolgheri

This is another one of my favourite pics from my adventures with Marcello. 

It was taken just before I set off to Sardinia, Sicily and beyond.

Marco took me to Bolgheri to meet his friend, Simone, who ran a little winery and olive farm, just outside of town. Simone showed us his olive groves and barrels while his dog, Giosué, ran around our feet, chewing on a pinecone.

Giosué was named after a famous Italian poet who wrote ‘Davanti a San Guido’, a poem about the famous avenue of pines that leads up to the walled town of Bolgheri.

I love the colours of this photo, the light and how it captures such a relaxed moment.

It was also the moment I decided I needed to get me a straw hat. I remember thinking Simone looked so cool in his.

Simone outside his cellar in Montescudaio with a glass of orange wine (Peter Moore)
Barrels in Simone's cellar in Montescudaio (Peter Moore)

I was back in Bolgheri, just before COVID hit.

My nephew and his wife were visiting from Australia and I wanted to show them my old haunts.

We got to catch up with Simone. He’s still rocking the straw hat, but sadly Giosué has gone to the great pine grove in the sky.

Simone has started up a great little enoteca and cellar in Montescudaio where he creates one of Italy’s best orange wines.

If you’re ever in that neck of the woods you should drop in and say hi. Just look for the sign saying ‘Simone Setti Cantina.’

That’s another reason I love this picture. Simone was the first of many friends I made on that trip, most of whom I am still in touch with.

Such is the power of riding a bright orange Vespa through the sunny parts of Italy!

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