The Maarjamae Memorial is a crumbling Soviet-era monument that overlooks the seafront in Tallinn.

The complex sits on Pirita Road, east of the city centre and was designed by architect Allan Murdmaa, along with sculptor Matti Varik, to commemorate the Bolshevik victims of the 1918 Russian Civil War. 

The fact that the Bolsheviks were actually fighting Estonians at the time means that the locals have never really taken the place to heart.

Thankfully, the memorial was built to the usual Communist-era standards and is in the process of falling apart.

The amphitheatre is in such a state of disrepair that there is a sign warning visitors to stay off it. 

Not that that stopped these Russian tourists.

They were more than happy to grab a six-pack and a bottle of vodka and take in the view.

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