I came upon this incredible old Ottoman bridge as I wandered around Kosovo on a mission to see if I could travel around the country for less than £250.

It sits on the outskirts of Bistražin near Gjakova, spanning the Erenik River, right next to a more modern concrete bridge that cars and the locals preferred to use.

The locals know the old bridge as the Tailor’s Bridge. It was built by the Ottomans in the 15th century as part of an important medieval route that connected Gjakova with Prizren to the south.

The bridge was restored between 1982-1984, but today it sits neglected. There’s a wrecking yard on one side and the river banks are strewn with rubbish.

Gypsies keep their horses tethered to carts in the shade under the arches. Young boys play chase and throw rocks at each other along the top of it.

But otherwise it sits unnoticed as everyone else going about their normal lives.

Having said that, it cheered my heart that it was still standing.

Waiting to step from the shadows should prosperity – and/or tourists – come to this part of Kosovo.