OK. Put your hand up if you’re old enough to remember this film clip.

Now, keep your hand up if you knew it was shot in Antigua.

Apparently most of the band was on holiday on Antigua and their management thought it would be a good idea to shoot a film clip for Rio while they were there.

They found a suitably classy yacht, sourced some typically 80s suits and scouted some exotic locations across the island.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The music video went on to become iconic and an absolute staple of MTV.

It. could be argued that no other music video captures the colour and excesses of the 80s so perfectly.

The reason I bring it up is that the latest episode of the podcast I present for the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority has just gone live.

It’s about sailing and yachting on the islands.

I got to interview the organisers of the island’s world famous Sailing Week.

I spoke to a young sailor from the National Sailing Academy, a great non-profit venture that teaches local kids to swim and sail.

And I also got the chance to chat with Fabio Giorgi, who got to hang out with Duran Duran when they returned to the island to race the yacht that featured in the film clip, the Eilean, in the annual Classic Regatta.

Apparently, it wasn’t a great experience for Nick Taylor. Not only did he get sea sick, his silk Anthony Price suit was ruined by the sea water.

Listen to the episode now

The Beach Is Just The Beginning: S01 E06 Sailing and Yachting