I went to my first gig in a long time last night. The Kings of Convenience at St John’s church in Kingston Upon Thames.

It was effectively an ‘instore appearance’ for Banquet Records to promote their new album, Peace or Love.

I bought their first album, Quiet Is The New Loud, in Hong Kong, just on the cover alone. I was passing through on one of my big trips and it is probably the best impulse buy I’ve ever made.

Since then, their albums have dropped into my life just when I needed them.

Declaration of Independence was the soundtrack of when my daughter was young. 

I remember listening to ‘Mrs Cold’ on a tiny bluetooth speaker on Goring Beach in the UK, my daughter falling asleep on my chest as the sun set over the water in front of us.

Estate’ brings back so many memories from trips to Italy. I know it is strictly one of Erland Oye’s  solo singles, but to me it has a real KoC vibe.

And now, Peace Or Love – a soothing balm, just when I need it.

The pandemic has turned my life on its head. But listening to the new Kings Of Convenience album I know things are going to work out fine.

The guys are doing a bigger tour – I think they played a couple of gigs at the Royal Festival Hall – but this beautiful old church was the perfect venue for them.

Wow. What a gig.

Just two guys and their acoustics but they were epic. And the crowd of about 300 people were completely rapt.

It was too short. All the best gigs are. But everyone went into the sodden Surrey night with a smile on their faces.

And they played ‘Mrs Cold’ – me and my daughter’s favourite KoC song.

More about the Kings of Convenience

Website: kingsofconvenience.eu

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