Mishaps and misadventures on the equatorial line

My first big trip and my first attempt at writing a book. Now finally seeing the light of day.

Wanzuki Boys

Join me on a journey around the middle of the earth, with a new chapter every week or so

Back in 1993 I threw in my job as an advertising copywriter and set off to travel around the equator. I would be the first Australian to attempt the journey and Australian Geographic gave me one of their flags to take along. It had been to the top of Mount Everest and back. They thought it would rather enjoy going for a holiday along Latitude Zero as well.

The book never saw the light of day – you can read more about that in the preface. But a lot of the stories from the trip ended up in my first published book, No Shitting In The Toilet. The manuscript itself has been gather digital dust on a number of hard drives for the past 25 years.

Recently I read back through the manuscript and it wasn’t too bad. It needed a spit and polish, but man, what an adventure. To motivate myself to wrestle it into shape, maybe to release it as an eBook, I’ve decided to post a chapter every week or so, here on this website.

Be warned. A professional editor hasn’t looked at it yet. So, despite my best efforts, there’ll be typos and mistakes. But hopefully you’ll get caught up in what I regard as one of my greatest adventures ever. And not a bad read, to boot.

Truck broken down in a forest in Zaire

A new chapter every couple of weeks

Every couple of weeks or so I’ll post a new chapter. They’ll appear in the drop down menu below as they are ‘published’.


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Photos from the trip …

Here is a selection of photos from my big trip around the equator. More pictures will appear as each new chapter is published.

      1. We’d love to catch up again next time you’re in Auckland. Bring the family too. BTW, I’m eagerly awaiting chapter 2 coming online…

  1. Hello! Many years ago you put out a message asking for places to stay. I got in touch and said me and two mates had recreated your African trip. We were arranging a visit in Barnsley, UK. I abruptly changed jobs, lost me email address and we never arranged a meet up.

    Years after that I became friends with a guy called James Druce, who I believe you stayed with at some point. You gave him a set of signed books. I’m requesting my set now 😂😂😂. Just kidding. It was a shame we missed you, I’m sure we’d all have had many tales of Africa to share a drink over!! Hope you’re well mate, and can get travelling again soon. All the best.

    1. Hey Andy,

      I vaguely remember this. And sadly, never made it to Barnsley on that trip. Would have loved to hear about your African adventures too.

      Re: James,. Small world, isn’t it.

      Re: Travelling again. Over 12 months later and we’re still waiting. Hope you’ve got something epic planned for when we can.



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