At this Brazilian football ground the equator is the halfway line

This is me at the Estádio Milton Corrêa, the main football stadium in Macapá.

Locals call the stadium Zerão, the Big Zero.

It straddles the equator, you see and uses latitude zero as the halfway line.

Each team defends a hemisphere and the game is played north to south and vice-versa.

The football season hadn’t started when I visited.

I had to be content with waving my bottle of Aquavit over the halfway line a couple of times and climbing to the top of the huge equator monument that formed part of the complex as well.

I would have really liked to have gotten myself an Esporte Clube Macapá shirt while I was there. 

Sadly, the merchandise store was shuttered too.

Peter at the Estádio Milton Corrêa in Macapá (Peter Moore)
Peter climbs the Equator Monument at the Estádio Milton Corrêa in Macapá (Peter Moore)
The Equator in Macapa (Peter Moore)
Aquavit at the Macapa Equator Football Stadium (Peter Moore)
Peter and the Australian Geographic flag at the Equator Monument in Macapa (Peter Moore)

Main image: Peter at the Estádio Milton Corrêa in Macapá (Peter Moore)

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