Travel in the time of coronavirus

Or how to travel from your armchair for next-to-nothing.

I don’t know about you guys, but this coronavirus shutdown is making me stir crazy. I’ve had three trips cancelled this year already. And there’s nothing on the horizon to look forward to any time soon either.

I plan to scratch my itchy feet by tidying up an old manuscript about a big trip I did around the equator. I’ll be posting each chapter on this website as they are done. There’ll be an audiobook podcast for each chapter as well, although that just got more problematical now that my daughter’s school just got shut down and she’ll be studying from home.

In the mean time, I’ve decided to offer the eBook versions of all my titles for the extremely reasonable price of 99c/99p.

They’re only available through Amazon at the moment. I’m in the process of creating Apple iBook versions as well, so keep an eye on the links below for those.

So, stay safe. Carry on. And treat yourself to one of my books at a knock-down, bargain price.

Just because you can’t travel in person, doesn’t mean you can’t travel in your mind!

My 99p/99c books and where to buy them

Vroom By The Sea by Peter Moore

Vroom By The Sea

The sunny parts of Italy on a bright orange Vespa

Amazon UK | Amazon Australia | Amazon USA | Apple Worldwide

Vroom With A View by Peter Moore

Vroom With A View

In search of Italy’s dolce vita on a ’61 Vespa

Amazon UK | Amazon Australia | Amazon USA | Apple Worldwide

Swahili For The Broken-Hearted by Peter Moore

Swahili For The Broken-Hearted

Cape Town to Cairo by any means possible

Amazon UK | Amazon Australia | Amazon USA | Apple Worldwide

The Full Montezuma by Peter Moore

The Full Montezuma

Around Central America with the Girl Next Door

Amazon UK | Amazon Australia | Amazon USA | Apple Worldwide

The Wrong Way Home by Peter Moore

The Wrong Way Home

London to Sydney the hard way

Amazon UK | Amazon Australia | Amazon USA | Apple Worldwide

Stay in the loop with Going Around In Circles

As I mentioned above, I’m using this unexpected hiatus from travelling to dust off an old manuscript about the very first big trip I did and bash it into shape. It’s called Going Around In Circles and it chronicles my mishaps and misadventures following the equator over 25 years ago.

The plan is to post each chapter online as they are done – and create an audiobook podcast for each one as well. I’d like to say they’ll be appearing like clockwork, but with the way things are at the moment, I can’t be sure.

That’s why I’d recommend signing up for the Going Around In Circles newsletter below. Every time I finish a new chapter, you’ll get an email telling you that it’s online. Easy.

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  1. Hi Peter – I had speculated that it was possible to do a self-contained family campervan tour of NZ while “self-isolating” if you’d arrived from overseas before midnight last night. With a mix of campground operator assistance, supermarket food delivery and app based fuel purchases you’d still be able to do day walks, bike rides and enjoy the great outdoors and spectacular scenery. Anyway, that option is gone now so you’re down to armchair travel via your laptop or tv.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Our 22 yr old Aussie son is driving around USA in what looks like a delivery van (great for parking in loading zones when cities had traffic). He’s got his surfboard and pulls up at vacant land near beautiful beaches in Florida now and just surfs and eats take away and oatmeal.

    He’s decided to wait it out and has his best mate travelling too so he’s not alone. Mate has pizza making skills so if things get tough, maybe Domino’s might give them a job making and delivering!? (Buckley’s chance of getting a Green Card though!).

    Yes, he will be there beyond the 90 day USA visa but he’s hoping Trump will induce the Aussie Mates rates in this instance. Have you got any tips for him?

    1. Hi Robyn,

      That’s a tricky one. I’m not an expert on these matters by any means.

      If I had my parent hat on, I’d tell him to follow the Aussie government’s advice and come home. But if I was 22 years old again and in his position I’d be tempted to ride out this pandemic in the back of my van too, surfing and eating pizza every day.

      The only thing I would say is that his pushing his luck with the visa. In developing countries you can slip a few bucks to the right official and these things will be overlooked. In America, I suspect they’ll put him in detention. And I wouldn’t be counting on mate’s rates with Trump. The key is in his motto, ‘America First.’

      Then there’s the stratospheric costs of health care in the States. Any kind of treatment can run into hundred of thousands of dollars. Even if he doesn’t get coronavirus, he might break his leg or similar. And if he’s overstayed his visa, any travel insurance he may have will be null and void.

      So, if he insists on staying the road, I’d suggest he get out of the States and head down to Mexico or Canada while he can. Health care is more affordable should he need it. More likely to get some kind of reciprocal health coverage with Canada. But the surfing will be better in Mexico!

      Like I said, I’m no expert. Just some things to consider. My 22-year-old self would probably take the Mexico option. Cheaper living costs, lots of good surf breaks. He might just have to eat tacos rather than pizzas!

  3. Hi Peter,

    My wife and I are currently in southern Spain under “lockdown” and I’ve just discovered your books online.

    As a retired travel agent (Thomas Cook for many years) but little experience of a package holiday ourselves, preferring to choose where we wander.

    As someone with history of long distance walking in the UK and in Europe I have enjoyed many of the type of personal encounters which wrote about. Having ” found” you I guess your books are going to help keep me sane during the weeks ahead until we can return home.

    Please keep writing !


    Jeff Winter

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