• The Wrong Way Home

    London to Sydney the hard way

London to Sydney the hard way

Inspired by tales from the old hippie trail I hit the road and travelled overland from London to Sydney. It’s a journey that took me through 25 countries – a fair few of ravaged by war.

Along the way I kept company with Czechs with bad haircuts, Muhajeddin with big guns and Ravers with bags of E.

Regarded by many as my ‘classic.’ I must admit it’s probably my favourite.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you do the trip?

I set out from London on March 16, 1994 and took me about eight months.

How much did it cost you?

All up about $5,000 (Australian). I budgeted on $30 a day, but once I got out of Europe things got much cheaper. In Iran, for example, I was hard pressed to spend more than $10 a day!

Which were your favourite countries?

Iran and Laos. In Iran, the people were pathologically hospitable. And Laos was like the land time forgot.

What happened to Fatty after the earthquake in Bam?

I heard from a reader that Fatty married a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm well before the earthquake. She took most of her family with her, including granny and Rosie. I’m not sure what happened to Ali. He stayed behind to open a hotel.

Was Brad the Pervert really that bad?

Yep, ‘fraid so. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s serving time again now for some depraved act.

OzBus. Good idea?

Yeah, why not? If it encourages more people to make the overland journey and see places like Iran first hand for themselves I think it’s worthwhile.

Favourite Photos

Tirane, Albania: Skanderbeg Square, Tirane. I’ve just arrived in town and I’m approached by a guy wearing reflector sunnies, bright white shoes and a flash smile. He asks me if I want to sleep on his couch. I say yes, of course.

The guy’s name was Mirindi. And this is my favourite photo of him. Sus clothes. Top bloke.

You’ll find more great images from the trip below.


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