In Italy with LN An audio trip down a cobbled memory lane

One of the things I love about writing about travel is hearing stories of people I’ve inspired to travel. Like LN Lurie, an American blogger and podcaster, who travelled to Italy after reading Vroom with a View.

LN and I had a chat the other day as part of her podcast on Italy. It was a lot of fun, and brought back a lot of great memories. LN had some great stories about her adventures too. It’s always a pleasure to talk to someone who loves travel – and Italy – just as much as you do.

You can listen to the podcast on LNs website here. And if you need any further encouragement, Filippo, A.K.A. The Waspmaster from Vroom with a View, just said on Facebook that he THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. (His caps, not mine.)

Oh, and thanks to LN for letting me use her brilliant photo of Vernazza.




LN Lurie (Website)

LN and Peter Moore go to Italy (Podcast)

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