Vespalogy An animated history of Vespas in under 2 minutes

Here’s a nice little animation tracing the history of Vespas, thrown together by a couple of creative types working for the Nomoon agency in France.

It took two months of after-hours and spare-time noodling to pull the minute-and-a-half clip together, and the process began with a bit of fortuitous–and irresistibly straightforward–research. On the official Vespa site (which itself has since been revamped), Nomoon found a “hidden timeline” of every single model from 1943 to 2010.

“We grabbed the names, Googled the images, and made ourselves a little collection sorted by date,” Ouanounou says.

From there, they narrowed down their favorites and began to illustrate.

Thanks to Paul Goss for forwarding me the link.

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