Getting on the Goat

Went to see Goat play at the Electric Ballroom in Camden last night. All I can say is ‘Wow.’ I mean, really, wow. I went along with really high expectations and I was still blown away. OK, some of the wig outs went on a bit long, but when you’ve only got one album to your name a little padding can be forgiven.

If you’re new to Goat, they come from a small village north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden and play a kind of voodoo psychedelica fused with world music. Think tribal beats, a funk groove and dirty fuzz guitar and you’re sort of on the right track. They’re quite unlike anything else out there.

I went to the gig with a couple of folk from Wanderlust and off-loaded a spare ticket to a grateful Aussie hanging around out front. (You’ve got to look after your own.) First thing I did was buy a t-shirt and their new double A-side single – I like to support the bands I like – and got a sort-of-alright spot about halfway in with a reasonably good view of the stage. The only downside was the guy in front of me who kept farting. Really, who farts at a gig?

I’ll leave reviewing the gig to those better qualified, but if I were pushed, I’d say all the songs with the word ‘goat’ in the title (i.e. most of them) were great, including the new single, Stonegoat, which proved a storming encore. It has to be said that Run to Your Mama was pretty awesome too.

They’re playing the West Holts Stage at Glastonbury today so if you’re there make sure you go and check them out. You will not be disappointed.

If you’re not sunny yourself in a field in Somerset, check out the videos below. Or better still, you can download an recording of their recent gig in Williamsburg, made with assistance and blessing of the band.

You’ll find it here.

Goat’s official website
Listen to Stonegoat on Soundcloud
Listen to Run to Your Mama on Soundcloud
Goat Live in Williamsburg, April 2013

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